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The All AliExpress PC

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How is it possible to build an entire computer with nothing but parts from Ali express? Is it worth the money?

Motherboard:        BATTLE-AX B450M-HD from colorful.

CPU:                     AMD Ryzen 7 2700.

          RAM:          3200 MHz CL 16GB.

          SSD:                     Goldenfir 512GB NVME


          Power Supply:      850 watts.

          GPU:                    Colorful RTX 2000

          FANS:                  Liar RGB fans.

          Mouse Pad:           LED lighted.

          Mouse:                 Gaming with a PMW 3360 sensor.

          Keyboard:            Has Zhejiang blue clicky switches.



At $87.54 with shipping for the BATTLE-AX B450M-HD motherboard, actually, it is not a great deal since MATX B450 boards can go for about $80 from Newegg

The Ryzen 7 2700 AMD CPU is $10 cheaper than according to PCPartPicker, the seller offers a lifetime warranty. It doesn’t come with a cooler though though. Could be the $10 price delta.

6GBs of RAM for about $60 and change is above par for Newegg and similar sites. So, can’t advice you to buy RAM off AliExpress.

The Goldenfir’s 512GB NVME SSD at $60 is a DRAM-less design and thus  not a great deal.

The power supply can’t keep up power supply.

The motherboard has two fan headers including the CPU header. It does also have an RGB header onboard. To connect the 4 fans needed, you can string together one Molex to 4 pin and two Y-splitters. Doesn’t save you any money though.

With glass ware you can keep track of the weird stuff that’s connecting to your PC, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT USING IT and you can see if a strange device joins your Wi-Fi and block it instantly.

All said, everything used to build this PC excluding the glass case is available for the same price or less at reputable sites like Newegg, Amazon or Miro Center and you don’t run the risk of waiting for month or even never for your product to arrive.  

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