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Mini Gadgets That Actually Work from Amazon!!!

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It feels good and entertaining to see something just smaller that works. I saw something small on amazon and I really wanted to try it out.


This is a mobile telescope microscope for your phone. It is like an attachment that you put on your phones camera. You download an app which you use with the scope. When in use you can see the smallest details on a locust wing.


it is one of the tiniest speakers you’ve ever seen. It is literally smaller than your palm but it is heavy, it actually feels like a big thick piece of metal. It only has one button which turns it on and off. It has Bluetooth. The speaker is so little but when in use it sounds like a ginormous speaker and still has a good amount of bass and everything.


A spray to clean your screen/devices, and it is all in one, you just spray it on your screen and then swipe it and your screen is supposed to be really clean.  It is supper cheap and easy to use.


It is like a little box which projection a keyboard on a surface near it. With it you can also control the cursor, click, drag, scroll and other awesome things. It works with Bluetooth which means it can work with your phone. It makes it convenience so you don’t have to type on your little phone. It is very buggy at the beginning but after sometime it starts to work faster. It works but very slowly.


It is like a little minicomputer and it actually works. It works as a speaker flash, it has games, arts and works like a clock. You can change all the settings. And you can actually get the app and change the little digital art to whatever you want. It is really a good speaker with Bluetooth.

It was a bunch of miniature things that actually work from amazon.

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