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I'm DONE covering for NVIDIA – RTX 3070 Review

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Clearly NVIDIA has had issues keeping up with demand for their 3000 series graphics cards. They claim that they pushed back the launch of today’s RTX 3070 to shore up supply given that this is positioned as an RTX 2080 Ti killer for US $500.

The RTX 3070 does just fine

Key Specs:

CPU:                           intel core i9-10900k

Motherboard: ASUS Maximus XII Extreme BIOS 0707

Memory:                     2x 8GB G. SKILL Tridentz neo DDR4-3600

Storage:                       512 GB Samsung 960 pro

OS:                             Windows 10 2004.

As far NVIDIA’s big gaming performance claims go, the RTX 3070 does just fine matching or beating the 2080 Ti Founders Edition more often than not at least In games that take advantage off its beefier RT cores, and tensor cores which are focused on real- time Ray tracing and deep learning workloads respectively.

NVDIA’s DLSS deep learning upscaling has gotten really good. When you put it off;

 In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and force a more traditional rendering approach, you find a 5% dip in performance.

In Microsoft Flight simulator, while CPU is bound at any resolution, the minimum frame rate is lower than the 2080Ti, but the average is higher suggesting that while the GPU is fast enough to keep up, there is a memory bandwidth bottleneck in the mix.

This is thanks to the RTX 3070’s narrower 256-bit bus.

It also excels in Parallel Nintendo 64 test.

In counter trac global offensive it falls below the RTX 2080Ti although it clocks 450 frames vs 470 frames per second.


This is another area where NVIDIAS’ new Ampere architecture GPU really shines.

In Blender 2.90.1 3070 went 20-30% faster than 2080 Ti

THIS IS a significant improvement likely down to the sheer number of cooler cores that it has packed into this thing with Samsung’s eight nanometer process.

V-Ray and Redshift shows similar results.

OctaneBench shows us once again the defense between having RTX on vs off. The RT core is this GPU’s main advantage comes into play whenever a memory bandwidth is an issue.

In SPECview2020 it shows that while it is great for rendering, and nearly as good for some other tasks, it has a constrained memory bandwidth. Its performance fell to 80% of what RTX 2080 could provide.

To be fair to NVIDIA though, it wasn’t designed for these applications.


We cab see that RTX 2070 is hovering around the 100% mark compared to RTX 2080Ti which is extremely impressive.

Build Design.

It has the same flow-through cooler design like the RTX 3080 and 3090 but it is tiny.

The fan layout is the same as the RTX 20 series.

It has a new radical 12-pin power connector.

The grill in the I/O plate is indented a little, so it bolts directly into the cooler rather than tabs on the display outputs.

The card was able to ramp to 1.9GHz – 2GHz all day long with its core sitting RTX 2080 Ti temperatures which is toastier than RTX 2070 Super.

The cooler is significantly smaller which shows just how efficient NVIDIA’s pass-through approach is.

Its power consumption is a touch higher over the course of SPECviewperf 2020 run compared to RTX 2070 Super with the peak recorded wattage no higher 253 Watts compared to 224 Watts.

It guzzled far more power than even the 2080 Ti, the RTX 2090 sees massive power spikes that can cause mere mortal power supplies to just blink off. Thanks to their over current protection.

Overall Performance.

This shows how easy it is to recommend the RTX 3070 to any one in this price range.

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