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5 Small Helpful Kitchen Appliances | Easy Cooking Gadgets

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It helps in making fresh milk curd every day. It comes with a steel bowl inside. To make curd you just need to pour in milk in room temperature and spoon full of Jarmon. Stir a bit put the lid on and switch it on. It chooses the right warming temperature itself. After 5 to 6 hours your curd will be ready.


Usually all food processors come with different accessories for chopping and grating vegetables and kneading dough. It makes chopping easy which makes cooking easy as it is able to chop and grate many types of vegetables. It is not good to chop small quantities of vegetables. It has a capacity to knead 500grames of flour at a time.


It comes with a chopping jar to chop anything like vegies, nuts and many other things. One can choose how fine it should cut your vegies. It is convenient for daily cooking. It comes with a blender to make smoothies and shakes. It can blend tomatoes and many vegies. It as a whisker attachment essential for mixing.


It can boil seven eggs at a time. You just add water to the base then switch it on. You don’t have to monitor because when it is done it switches off. It also comes with a bowl where you can make steamed vegies. It can also steam/boil potatoes.


It a helpful tool for bakers to prepare cake mix and cream. It can be also be used for making butter, whisking and making butter milk.

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