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5 MUST HAVE Gadgets from Amazon Under $20

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  1. LED Tape Lights.

The LED strip lights are best known for how attractive and colorful they make things look. They give your home that glamorous look you have always wanted.

They come in various light colors; you can get the color of your choice.

There is a multi-color option to choose from too.


  • Color changing.
  • Dimmable
  • Linkable
  • Remote controlled
  • Timer
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable
  • Energy efficient
  • Water and weather resistant.

They come in various temperatures as well. You can choose from:

  1. Warm (2000-3499 k)
  2. Neutral (3500 – 4099 k)
  3. Cool (4100 – 4999 k)
  4. Daylight (5000 k & above)

 They can be controlled by:       App control

                                                Button control

                                                Remote control

                                                Touch control

                                                Voice Control.

Theme:        fantasy





At home they can be installed anywhere and on any static gadget.

You can install them:      at the back of your TV/Monitor.

                             In the kitchen

                             The staircase

                             Under the coffee table

                             The living room ceiling.

2. Magnetic Phone Mount for gym.

3. Stem Metal and Citritwist.

Citrus spritzer and reamer set.

Tired of cutting and squeezing lemons? Thanks to Timothy Houle and Carlos Uceda for their magnificent invention. Go get yourself the stem citrus spritzer metal.

The stem metal is made using aluminum, plastic and rubber materials.

It weighs 0.05 pounds.

It is easy to clean as its body comes in parts.

It has serrated teeth – this allows for easy insertion into all types of citrus fruit.

Its nozzles sprays evenly.

4. Nano Hold.

Nano hold is a pad that uses NanoSuction technology to stick your phone and tablet to a smooth flat surface. It sticks without being sticky.

It comes in handy when you are:           –      driving.

  • Working on your computer
  • Cooking
  • In the washroom
  • Taking photos and recording videos


Versatile – serves as phone kickstands, dashboard mount, car mount, etc.

Hands-Free – you can stick your phone on the car dash board, window pane, mirror, glass, cabinet, monitor bezel, wall and any other smooth and flat surface.

Broad Fit – it can hold any type of smart phone.

Reusable – can be washed and reused for over 1000 times.

5. Etekcity Water Filter.

The Etekcity Water Filter straw allows you to instant access to clean drinkable water from almost any unfiltered freshwater source including rivers, lakes and tap water.

How it works:

Unfiltered water enters through he endless key and passes through an advanced dual filtration system comprised of a hollow fiber, UF membrane and antibacterial carbon filters trapping 99.9% of waterborne pathogens.

Built for wanderlust hazards.


It features a lightweight yet durable design.

It is compatible with standard threaded bottles and hydration reservoirs.  

A portable water pouch for filtered water drinking on the go is also included

To drink directly from the water source, remove the outlet cap then submerge the inlet piece in the water and sip from the mouth piece.

Use the extension tube to extend your reach incase you are unable to access the water source.

When drinking from a more turbid waters containing contaminants simply attach the included cream filters on the inlet piece.

Ideal For:



Amidst a natural disaster

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